Lines of Inquiry 2022

Our work is to be structured along specific "Lines of Inquiry", which are to be set at regular intervals and communicated publicly.

These lines of inquiry may include specific sectors or thematic opportunities.

We identified three LOIs for 2022-23 that we believe are critical to helping Canada achieve net-zero emissions by 2050:

  1. Net-Zero Governance: Building on our advice for the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan, the NZAB will continue to focus on the capacity, structures and accountabilities that will be required to achieve the whole-of-society transformation to net-zero emissions.
  2. Net-Zero Energy Systems: Decarbonizing energy systems is critical to achieving net-zero. The NZAB will investigate ways to transform energy production and adapt energy use and demand. Recognizing the complexity of the energy transition, the NZAB's work in 2022 focused on foundational advice for the future composition of energy systems in 2050.
  3. Industrial Policy: Under this line of inquiry, we will examine the institutional structures required to develop and implement a net-zero industrial policy, as well as the resources, capital, and labour needs of a net-zero economy, including the role of innovation and experimentation. In 2022, we expected this work to focus on defining the purpose, vision, and priority sectors of a Canadian net-zero industrial policy.

We provided advice on these areas through an annual report in early 2023, and throughout the process where possible.

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