Proposed Priorities for Engagement

Proposed purpose

  • Build awareness, dialogue and capacity on net-zero.
  • Hear and learn from diverse perspectives from across Canada.
  • Support the implementation of the 10 values and principles outlined in our report Net-Zero Pathways: Initials Observations.
  • Explore considerations for the NZAB’s Lines of Inquiry.
  • Provide advice informed by engagement to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on pathways to net-zero.

Proposed groups to engage with

  • Decision-makers, including governments and Indigenous Rights Holders.
  • Canadians, in all their diversity, who may or may not yet be thinking about net-zero.
  • Canadians who live and work in areas that are expected to be most affected by the transition to net-zero.
  • Individuals and organizations already engaged in developing and implementing pathways to net-zero.
  • Other advisory bodies with relevant mandates.

Proposed methods

  • Connecting virtually with Canadians through social media and our website.
  • Supporting initiatives and projects across Canada that contribute to building general awareness and dialogue on net-zero.
  • Hosting and participating in workshops, conferences, roundtables or special events with individuals and groups that are working towards solutions in the areas covered by our Lines of Inquiry.

Considerations for proposed priorities

  • These proposed priorities represent our initial thinking and approach to engagement; they are not exhaustive, as we expect to engage with others through additional ways as well.
  • They have been designed to respect several realities driven by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The intent is to enable NZAB to host engagement opportunities ourselves, but also to participate in and/or benefit from activities led by others, to ensure we reach people where they are already active.
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