Proposed Priorities for Research and Analysis

Proposed purpose

  • Learn from existing and emerging research and analysis from diverse and reputable sources.
  • Motivate new research and analysis on net-zero.
  • Support current and future Lines of Inquiry by the NZAB.
  • Support the implementation of the 10 values and principles outlined in our report Net-Zero Pathways: Initials Observations.
  • Provide advice informed by research and analysis to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on pathways to net-zero.

Proposed priority streams

  • Catalytic / Motivating – bring together experts, stakeholders, Indigenous peoples, and partners to stimulate the agenda for the Canadian research community and to motivate national conversations on net-zero pathways;
  • Targeted – use dedicated NZAB funding and partnerships to address specific net-zero research questions to inform the NZAB’s advice to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change; and
  • Synthesis / Validation – bring together existing research, verify analyses from other organizations, and model NZAB proposals as required, to ensure NZAB advice is based on transparent and high-quality data.

Proposed priority methods

  • Public communication of priorities to catalyze new work.
  • Open calls for submissions of existing net-zero research and analysis.
  • Hosting/participating in thematic roundtables, conferences, and events.
  • Funding new research and analysis on specific topics/cross-cutting themes within lines of inquiry.
  • Building partnerships to support synthesis, validation and/or modelling needs.
  • Briefings with Canadian and international researchers, experts, stakeholders, Indigenous peoples, and NGOs.
  • Data, modelling, and analysis from federal officials.

Considerations for proposed priorities

  • Confirm our commitment to using credible, transparent, and high-quality data and analysis.
  • Recognize existing research and analysis, as well as existing networks of climate expertise on net-zero.
  • Enable NZAB to pursue targeted projects ourselves, but also to participate in and/or learn from activities led by others.
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